Homsecure is the ultimate all-in-one monitoring solution.  It will turn your existing smoke alarms, carbon-monoxide alarms, security alarms and even your door bell into smart and connected devices. It uses complex algorithms within the device to detect, analyze and categorize sound patterns and only listens to the frequencies of interest without violating your privacy.

We all have smoke and CO detectors at home. They are required by law, in fact the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends one on every level, one in every bedroom and outside of each sleeping area.  We all have quite a few smoke/CO detectors, but they are only good if we are at home, in reality they are more useful when we are not at home.  To replace all the  smoke/CO detectors with smart detectors in a typical home will cost upwards of a $400.  With Homsecure you can turn all of your old alarms into smart alarms for only a fraction of the cost.

No, Homsecure is a standalone device which works with your existing WiFi router.

Most homes will only need one Homsecure per floor. If you have a very large home or any areas which are sound proofed, additional devices may be necessary for those areas.

Homsecure can get disconnected from your WIFI for a number of reasons: power outage, a blown fuse, a flaky router, or if Homsecure is pulled from the wall. In any case, a notification will be sent to your smart device letting you know that your Homsecure has been disconnected from the monitoring service, so that you can take the appropriate action. And yes, this is a FREE feature for life!

No. Once you have Homsecure you will receive notifications for FREE for life.

Very secure! Smart devices tend to be under powered and are forced to use light weight communication protocols or to other hubs that connect to your router, these configurations are more susceptible to being hacked. Homsecure uses your WIFI directly with no hubs in between creating a safe, secure and reliable connection. It also uses military grade encryption for all communications to ensure no one gets your data.